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to drink every day before dinner. Although, lie discovered
that the ilrtha was poisoned owing to the agitation of the
temple priest, he drank it. placing faith in favo urite deity
Ja^annatha. The poison did not produce any evil effect, and
was digested like the re^t of the food which he consumed.
Kayavacakam, pp. 81-82.
jV.2>.—In this section of the Ray i-dacakam an exaggerated account of tba feats of
strength exhibited in the gymnasia, in the capital of the Gajapati is
We entered the city, and saw the palace of the Gajapati,
the mansions of the sixteen Patras, the Gymnasia and the
people who take exercises therein. Even the gods and the
demons are not capable of exhibiting such skill in physical
exercises as they show. Your Majesty might have observed
the skill in physical exercises shown by the great wrestlers of
other countries ; bat the style of the people at the capi-
tal of the Grajapati is totally different. They al>vie are
capable of lifting up such heavy dumb-bells. They lift them
up, and what is more, they lift them up cross-wise. They
raise a sack weighing 10 padtles to the height of the uplifted
arm of a standing man and throw it upon their own bodies.
Moreover, they catch the sack between their thighs, and suspend
themselves in the air taking hold of the cross-beam (of the
gymnasium). The reason for taking this exercise is this:
While engaged in battle, the troopers are accustomed to carry
away their opponents bodily imprisoning them between one of
their arms and the body; if, however, the opponents fight with-
out losing their hold on their steeds, they abandon their attempt,
considering the opponent to be unmanageable. The riders on
the armoured horses are not afraid of any wound which they
might receive. They attempt to carry away under their arm
such riders (?). The soldiers practise this exercise in order to
remain firm courageously (in their seats) on such occasions.
They completely demolish walls of hundred feet with a rum mi
mattekha&dam (?) which is heavy enough to be carried by a